Work in progress

Lynne is currently working on her new dystopian novel Rebound, cul de sac. This story is about a young woman who is seeking to change her life but when she finally makes a decision to leave all she has known and run to a new life, her whole world changes. Literally. When Kelly Smart emerges back up from the subway that she ran down to escape her abusive boyfriend she returns to a new world.

Kelly Smart is about to embark on a new way of life when she encounters strangers who appear to have futuristic technology, and her old world which has now morphed into a land of ruins and zombies. As Kelly begins to realize that she possesses the strength to survive the zombie apocoplypse she also finds that she just might have the power to save others.

Rebound, cul de sac is just the begining of the four book series that Lynne Mack has for her readers. Rebound, cul de sac kicks off the introduction of Kelly Smart. The next book in the series titled Luminous, The book of Yobi. This book will begin to shape the new future and introduce a new group of heroes in this dystopian world.