Chapter One

When you begin a lie, you must continue the lie, rember the lie and build on the lie or it will come back to haunt you. The truth is, it is not so much about getting other people to believe your tale a smuch as it’s about getting your own damn self to believe it. As soon as you do that, there is a price to pay.

That is where Fielding Michaels went wrong. He didn’t believe. He was in too deep. When you’re like that, keeping your head just above water, you’re not living anymore. You simply exist.

As he approached the huge mansion that Sean built on the outskirts of suburban Philadelphia, the black letters on the gate looked more like 3D to him, D-A-M-I-N-O. The letters spelled the name that he had heard all of his life an dknew nothing about. He stood at the small silver box just to the ledft side of the gate trying to decide whether or not to push the button. He thought that as soon as he did the speaker would come on and someone would ask him what he wanted. He already had a good story as to why he was there. He just had to make it sound, believable.