I killed you in my book

1azujn8OKAAED4cQpbke9imabbu5O3w==.64I have come up against some spirits that have wanted to to destroy me. But I am still standing. I have come up against some people unaware that they were carrying around with them some really bad, jealous, vengeful, ignorant, selfish spirits that have tried to take me out, but I am still standing.

I am still standing because I killed you in my book.

Every day I go see my Mom at the nursing home. I have to ask for the strength from God, to endure what I see. I pray for my Mom and Dad and what they are going through now in their old age. I pray that they people they come in contact with are a child of God. If they are not then I kill them in my book.

My latest book, Cul de Sac, a dystopian short story is a perfect example of me killing people in my book and ooohhh how good it feels. I started off writing a book in 2001 called Rebound. When I wrote Rebound, I wasn’t sure how to market it. i didn’t know what genre it fit in. So I ended up telling people that it was a paranormal/sci/fi book. But, now that I look back on the book, it was the beginning of what I am doing now.

This book is the first in the series of dystopian books that I am writing, they will all be short stories.

Cul de Sac takes place in a futuristic Philadelphia, that has undergone some type of apocalyptic catastrophe, (I don’t really say what). The reason why you are going to love this book is because it is powerfully written by the view point of the character, Blaque who is determined to survive in a world that just wants to destroy her.

Cul de Sac will be available on Amazon Kindle, it is an e-book. Now I know how to get rid of all the evil people who come up in my life, I kill them in my book.


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