Mom and Grandson



My son and I visited my mom today. But as you can see from this picture she wasn’t that lucid today. I teased her telling her that I was going to put her on periscope and she said no. Hey, I can’t argue with Mom. I didn’t even know she knew about periscope. (ha..ha)

My son, Eddie always goes with me to visit his Grand Mom.  Eddie is a wonderful 13 year old kid. He spent a lot of time as an infant and toddler with my Mom. Mom took care of Eddie until he was able to go to daycare around 3 years old.

I will tell you now I couldn’t have done anything without my Mom’s help in raising my son. Mom used to take Eddie on the trolley with her when she went out. She would always come back home with a great story to tell about how much attention Eddie got from everyone.

I often thought that she was just bragging about her grandson, but the truth is, he is a pretty awesome dude. He is a straight A student, he is very articulate, can talk rings around any adult person and loves to skateboard. And by the way, he just started playing tennis this summer.

When Mom left the house to go live in the nursing home, Eddie took it pretty hard. One day when we were in the car he just started bawling and I didn’t know why.  I asked him and he said that he didn’t know. I started asking him questions and then he said that he missed Grand Mom.

My son has a lot to deal with at a very young age, he also has an Aunt, my sister Diona who has a disability. My mom gave the last part of her life to caring for Diona and she did a very good job. She kept Diona in the home and Diona was very well taken care of because of that.

We had a great visit, I gave Mom her smoothie and Mom gave me a hug before I left. I know my Mom knows me. She always has, she always will.



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