Best Mom ever

20160622_100028-1I visited Mom today, and guess what I got her to walk around outside in the yard. She got up out of that wheelchair that they put her in and she walked. I knew she could do it. They wanted me to believe that she wasn’t walking anymore. In fact they want me to believe that she is not eating anymore. My mother can eat and walk and talk.
Sometimes I wonder if it is the medicine and not the disease that has got her. I know exactly how this happened to Mother. She was stressed out about what happened to Diona. I am not going to repeat it here,(what happened to Diona) so you will have to buy my book, which will be available in September 2016, after changing the title several times I finally came up with Building and Creating a successful organization. So I’m sticking with that, besides I think that title is more generic and people will connect with it.
I had a great visit with Mom today, she drank her smoothie, she laughed when I told her that we were going to see Dad. She still knows him, she says that she knows me took even though she won’t say my name. But, one day, I didn’t tell you about this, I came to visit her and I had drifted off somewhere in my mind when out of the blue she looked at me, or appeared to look at me. Mother is blind in her right eye now due to glaucoma. But, she looked at me and said just as clear as day, “Hi Lynne.” I was so moved I began to sob.
I had prayed for Mother to connect with me. I don’t know where her spirit is, but I fear she is being tormented and yes it keeps me up at night. Who wants to believe their parent is being tormented?
So I had a great visit yesterday and I took pictures to send to my brothers. I can believe all this time has gone by. I will be 49 years old on Monday, June 27. Hey Mom, you remember that day that you gave birth to me back in 1967, it is coming around again. It is your birthday too, you gave birth.
I love you Mother. If i had to do it all over again I would do it again for you. You know exactly what I am talking about. Get my book, and you can read the entire story.


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