Mother’s Day

153I am finishing up my first non-fiction book titled From the Plantation to the Organization. Some people that I have talked to about this book have said that I need to change the title. Some of these people think the title is too controversy and people won’t buy the book. This is the way I feel about it, well first the book did start off as a “fuck you” to all the people who dicked me over. Yes I said dick. But, then the book grew into something much different it became a research project for me. I researched slavery in America and learned some important facts, so I wrote about them. It was also a therapeutic canvas for me.
I visit my mother almost daily at the nursing home that is what I have been talking about and that is what I also talked about on my blogtalkradio show conveniently titled “The Lynne Mack Show” and it became quite popular.
My mother is still holding on, tough old bird. My mother was a writer although never actually completing a book herself she had some great stories to tell and eventually did attempt to write, but by then the illness was setting in and her writing skills had diminished.
Let me say this right now, very loud for you to hear. I love my mother! We had fights and there were even times when I just didn’t want anything do with her. Oh, how I wish I had just a second of that time back now.
When I visit Mother now, she is distant, so far away, I can’t reach her. I cry when I visit her because I remember how it used to be. I remember Mother the way she was. Who is this woman staring off into space, speaking garbled a language I can’t understand. Who is she? Not Mother.
On this particular day I am visiting Mother and that is when I say to one of the workers. “Is mother’s day next week?” She laughs and says. “Mother’s day was last month.” Oh right I think to myself. How could I forget that, it just past and a wave of worry flows over my very existence and I wonder and I worry, could it be, will this also attack me and if so I better get to running, cause Mother’s day is everyday.


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