Publisher: Agatha Carr Publishing
Publication Year: 2009
Length: 170
Can't get enough of the T.V. show Empire and you're hooked on cable's Power then tune into Tattooz. Tattooz gives you the gritty beginning of Fielding Micheals a newcomer to the Damino family. The Damino's are a wealthy family with no problems. Until the past comes back to haunt them. The streets will never be the same again when Fielding enters the picture and turns their world upside down.
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About the Book

Like indelible tattoos, lies and old secrets haunt the Damino family. When Fielding Michaels comes to the home of the Damino’s to announce that he is Sean Damino’s son, the family begins to unravel. Sean has spent a lifetime trying to build up a respectable family and forget the past. But like all ghosts, the past comes back to haunt him. Painful memories all lead to the one truth that will shock and change their lives forever.

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